Student Support

Our aim is to provide all possible support to our cadets in all aspects of the lives here at the CyMA.

Most importantly, the CyMA is proud of its Equality and Diversity policy. The Cyprus Maritime Academy has a diverse staff and cadets body. It is our aim and commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse learning environment where all cadets, students, and staff are treated with dignity and respect, and where everyone is positively encouraged to perform to their highest potential.

We, therefore, follow in action the basic strands of equality in education, and we accept future cadets, without discrimination of gender, race and ethnicity, Religion and belief, marriage and Civil Partnership and sexual orientation. For our programs, and for us to be in line with the IMO regulations, cadets admitted should have a school leaving certificate, be at least 16 years of age, and should have the Medical Fitness Certificate for Seafarers, as per the STCW I/9 Regulation, renewed every two years.

Student Counseling & Advising

The primary emphasis is on supporting cadets to achieve their educational goals. Provide brief personal counselling on a short-term basis to deal with an immediate concern. Brief personal counseling is defined as any session regarding a concern that is not academic in nature but explores a problem or concern of a personal nature.

Organized Trips 

All cadets (local and international) are encouraged to participate in organized bus tours of Cyprus at the beginning of each semester so as to promote interaction with and integration into the Intercollege community and the Cypriot society at large.

Bulletin Boards

Various cultural events, local and Cyprus-wide, as well as activities, are posted on the bulletin board that cadets can choose to venture out and experience the intellectual and creative adventure of a lifetime. Cadets are also allowed to post (with appropriate Academy approval) posters, notices, flyers, announcements but these must provide a service or opportunity that will benefit, cadets, faculty, and staff.

Problem Solving

The Office assists cadets to define the problem, generate alternatives, evaluate and select alternatives and implement solutions.

Job Placement

Job Opportunities advertisement via On-campus recruitment, Career Expo & job fairs. The office is a link between cadets seeking employment and organizations looking for career candidates.


A series of seminars and workshops organized every semester on topics such as “Note Taking”, “CV Writing and Portfolio Preparation”, “Plagiarism” & “Successful Interview and Networking” to mention a few. All workshops, seminars, and presentations are offered free of charge and are open to all cadets and alumni. Speakers in such seminars are outstanding professionals, career experts, and in-house lecturers. All participants are given a certificate of attendance.


Various activities are scheduled throughout the year such as talent shows, movie nights, blood donation, charity events & various guest speakers on relevant topics such as Road Safety, Health issues etc.


Support cadet-involvement opportunities on campus through the development and successful functioning of student clubs and organizations. This service provides cadets with the opportunity to join or create a Club or a Society.

Complaint Handling

The officers of the Student Affairs Office are always next to cadets and they are willing to hear their complaints, to support them and help solve their problems.

General Information

Guide cadets as to where to obtain accurate and responsible information on issues concerning the cadet.


Organized at the beginning of the year for the new cadets. These programs are designed to welcome new cadets to the Academy community. Orientation Sessions help new cadets to get familiar with Academy services as well as with the Academy in general, meet their fellow cadets and participate in out-of-class activities.

Student Union

Every year elections are held to elect the Executive Committee of the student union to serve for the academic year. The student affairs office oversees the smooth running of the campaign and the running of the voting process on Election Day.

Alumni Association

Membership is free and all graduates can become members of the Association. Graduates are able to interact, learn more about old friends and at the same time have the opportunity to be informed of the Academy developments, the new programs offered and the various events and activities organized by the Academy

The Copy Center 

The Copy Center is available for cadets to copy, print, fax and/or scan documents pertaining to their studies.

Lost & Found

The reception holds items which have been found in the College so that the rightful owner may collect from them.

WiFi Services

The wireless network (WiFi) service enable all cadets and visitors to connect any wireless-capable device to Internet without cables


The library is a convenient source for purchasing textbooks for their studies.


The librarian receives, sorts and keeps all mail received for the cadets and prepares a list which is placed on the bulletin board to inform cadets to collect their mail/package etc.

Dining Services

A cafeteria is available at very affordable prices for cadets to obtain coffee, hot and cold beverages as well as snacks. It is also a congenial place for cadets to meet other cadets and faculty between and after classes.

Sports & Gym Center 

The centre is available for cadets to exercise either for recreation or training purposes.

Additional Counselling Services 

The Center of Research & Counselling Services (KESY) of the University of Nicosia in collaboration with Intercollege and the Academy, provides free counseling services (Interpersonal Relationships, Academic & Learning Difficulties, Adjustment Issues, Family Issues, Stress & Anxiety Issues, Eating Habits, Loss & Bereavement, Depression, Physical/Sexual/Psychological Abuse, Bullying) with full confidentiality, in Greek or English, by Psychology Graduate Clinical Trainees who are supervised by expert professionals.


All cadets are required to have their CyMA uniforms. The Office of Student Affairs will assist you further in what you need to get and where to get it from. The cost of the Uniforms is payable to the Academy.