English and Mathematics Placement Tests

The admission requirements for each program offered by Cyprus Maritime Academy is to possess an English Language certificate as well as to have extensive knowledge in the subject of Mathematics. However, prospective Cadets who do not hold the appropriate certificate or qualification are required to successfully complete the English Language and Mathematics Placement Tests, which are conducted on-site at the Academy. The purpose of these exams is to make sure that the level of knowledge of English Language and Mathematics is at the level necessary to be admitted to the Academy or to improve accordingly before admission.

Prospective Cadets can undertake the English Language and Mathematics Placement Test after their official enrollment and after they have paid the application fee of 55 euros. Interested candidates are sent a written sample for each examination individually for the best possible preparation.

Additionally, at the beginning of each academic year, free English Language courses are offered to new students. Candidates can also repeat the English Language test after the completion of these courses