Welcome to CyMA

A Great Opportunity at a Great Educational Center

What is important in choosing you career prospect is to find the ideal program of study and obtain that at the best Educational Center. The Cyprus Maritime Academy offers exactly this. With endless career prospects of the cadets to graduate, CyMA gives to cadets that want to succeed in the demanding field of Marine, the proper and right tools and skills to do so. The opportunity in working in one of the largest and challenging fields in the world is given to all of you through our programs.

What is Distinctive About the CyMA?

The Cyprus Maritime Academy is the first Maritime Academy in Cyprus, with strong partnerships and collaboration with the Maritime industry. Our Academy utilizes state-of the art facilities on the island to offer the best and top quality technical, academic and practical opportunities for learning to our cadets. CyMA, ideally placed within the University of Nicosia Campus, is the perfect place to study and obtain the Competency certification, under the approval of the Department of Merchant Shipping in Cyprus and based on the IMO certifications, as well as the relevant Bachelor Degree from Intercollege Nicosia.

What Now?

In our efforts in providing the best possible information to all applicant cadets, we have prepared this website, which includes what is involved in becoming a cadet. I hope that navigating through this website will inspire you further for navigating in your career.