Before your trip to Cyprus it is essential that you start planning ahead and make the right preparations regarding your travel and your student life in Cyprus.

Intercollege  Requirements

Make sure that you have submitted to Intercollege and made the following payments by the appropriate due date:

  • Tuition Fees as shown on Conditional Acceptance Letter
  • International Student Deposit (Refundable) – 400Euro
  • Annual Insurance Fee – 175Euro
  • Intercollege other Fees (Activity, Internet, Registration Fees, etc) – 122Euro (annually)
  • Maritime Lab Fees – 500Euro (annually)
  • Visa Fee – 86Euro (one-off non-refundable)
  • Application Fee – 55Euro (one-off non-refundable)
  • Uniform Fee – 630Euro (payable once for 4 years)
  • Attested passport copy (valid for two years)
  • Attested Copies of High School Diploma and Mark Sheet
  • Attested Bank Letter
  • Attested Sponsorship Letter
  • Attested Police Clearance Certificate
  • Attested Blood Test result (HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B&C)
  • Attested X-Ray report (TB)

Note: Students from countries that a visa interview is NOT required please submit original documents to the International Office. For students that a visa interview IS required submit photocopies of the aforementioned documents to the International Office as you will need to present the original documents the day of your visa interview. 

Documents to Have With You While Travelling

It is very important that you have with you (and not in your luggage), at all times, the following documents as you are going to be required to present them at the Immigration Check Point at your first port of call:

  • Your passport (Valid for two years)
  • Intercollege  Receipts of the amount paid to the Intercollege
  • €2,000 in Cash
  • All documents that were certified by the visa officer at the visa interview (if applicable). For students from countries that a visa interview is NOT required, make sure to travel to Cyprus holding a copy of your entry visa that was sent to you by the International Office
  • Certificate of Conditional Acceptance Letter from Intercollege
  • Open ticket valid for return to home country

Useful Tips While Travelling

  • Wear comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes (sneakers). It is important to feel relaxed and as comfortable as possible while you are travelling.
  • Make sure to have with you a pen and a pencil in case that you will need to write something
  • Pain killers (travelling might some times cause a light head ache) and if any prescribed medicine
  • Write down and have with you your housing address in Cyprus (if you know it) and the Intercollege  address
  • Write down numbers of people to call in case of an Emergency (i.e. family, police number in Cyprus, Intercollege advisor, etc.)
  • Book or magazine to read on the plane
  • Mp3 player
  • Your address book with contact details of friends and family
  • Keep a Journal

Airport Pickup

You can get to Intercollege from the Larnaca International Airport by taking a taxi, or a local bus.

Please provide the following information by e-mail to: 4 working days prior to your arrival in Cyprus. The International Office will reply by e-mail acknowledging receipt of the Airport Pickup and confirming arrangements for airport pickup.

Student Name:

Intercollege Inquiry Number:

Home Country:

Email Address:


Copy of travel Itinerary:

Airport Pickup: Yes, I would like to be picked up from Larnaca International Airport


Important Notes:

  • Please make sure to email your travel itinerary to [email protected] at least 4 working days prior to your arrival to Cyprus.
  • Make sure to have sufficient amount of cash (Euro) with you to pay for your transportation. You can exchange money at the Larnaca Airport. A taxi from Larnaca Airport to a hotel near the College costs approximately Euros 15-25 depending on the number of luggage.
  • An Intercollege representative will be waiting to pick you up at the airport exit.