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2-Year Programme in Hospitality (Hotel & Restaurant Operations) Management!

The Diploma in Hospitality (Hotel & Restaurant Operations) Management provides students with an insight into the function and working of Hotels and restaurants with courses such as food production as well as courses related to the Hotel industry. The Diploma may be earned after two years of study.

A Diploma may be earned after two years of study.

General Objectives

Upon completion of the programme, students will be able to enter the work market with solid foundations thanks to the theoretical and practical knowledge gained during the two years of the programme.

Specific Objectives

The new aims of the programme are:

  • To obtain a valued diploma in hospitality management.
  • To ensure quality training for the students within Intercollege facilities.
  • Upon graduation, to possess a solid theoretical and practical knowledge that will guarantee a successful career and future development.
  • To prepare the students to become successful professionals able to respond to the work needs from day one.

Learning Outcomes

Year 1:

Upon successful completion of year 1 of their studies, all students are expected to  :

  • Have developed skills relating to their field of study.
  • Be knowledgeable and efficient in their field of study.
  • Be ready to successfully enter the Hospitality industry as a trainee.
  • Develop languages skills.

Year 2:

Upon successful completion of year 2 of their studies, all students are expected to:

  • Have obtained a solid fundamental knowledge in their field of study, both from an academic and practical point of view.
  • Have developed the soft skills necessary for interacting both with colleagues and customers in the Hospitality industry.


Semester A

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
1 HOT-100 Intro to the Hospitality Industry 6
2 HOT-105 Sanitation, Hygiene and Nutrition 6
3 COMP-151A Fund. Conc. of Info. & Comp. Tech 6
4 FREN-101 French Language & Culture I 6
5 BENG-121 Professional English I 6

Semester B

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
1 HOT-111 Food Production I 6
2 HOT-112 Food & Beverage Service I 6
3 BENG-122A Professional English II 6
4 ACCT-110 Accounting 6

Summer Semester

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
1 HOT-201 Internship I 6

Semester C

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
1 HOT-210 Bar Operations 6
2 HOT-211 Food Production II 6
3 HOT-212 Food and Beverage Service II 6
4 HOT-245 Front Office Operations 6

Semester D

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
1 HOT-220 Food and Beverage Controls 6
2 HOT-235 Housekeeping & Maint. Operations 6
3 HOT-250 Hospitality Information Systems 6
4 MKTG-291 Marketing 6
5 HOT-260 Food & Beverage Operations 6

Summer Semester

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
1 HOT-202 Internship II 6


Admission Requirements

Entry Requirements

The general admission requirements is for applicants to have a High School Leaving Certificate (i.e. 12 years of education or 11 depending on the country of origin, e.g. Russia) OR equivalent qualifications. Some programmes may have additional requirements in which case they are specified separately under the relevant programme details.

Regular admission to academic programmes requires a recognized High School Leaving Certificate with a grade of 7.5 out of 10 or 15 out of 20 or a rank in the top 50% or equivalent qualifications. This status may be contingent upon demonstrating proficiency in English with a valid TOEFL score of 500 and above, or Computer –based TOEFL score of 173 and above, or Internet-based TOEFL (iBT) score of 61 and above, or GCSE (or GCE) English Language “O” Level of “C” or above, or IELTS of 6.0 and above or Cambridge Exams (First Certificate with Grade B and above, as well as Proficiency with Grade ‘C’ and above), or the College English Placement Test. Advanced standing will be admitted on the basis of additional qualification (e.g. GCE “A” Level).

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