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2-Year Programme in Business Administration!

The Business Administration programme enables students to gain a broad education in business administration and obtain the necessary skills required to become successful managers.

A Diploma may be earned after two years of study.

General Objectives

The business sector is a very active and dynamic sector. It is subject to constant change due to the significant growth of both businesses as a result of globalization, but also the nature of business as a result of technological progress and the new economic circumstances prevailing in the European and global market. An academic program in Business Administration should reflect new developments and be able to expand and differentiate in order to incorporate the changes. The curriculum of the program in Business Administration is being monitored constantly updated and changed on an annual basis to reflect new developments.

Focusing on training and vocational education, rather than on theories, the program aims at a high-quality vocational training of individuals. The program will be completed in two years on a full-time basis.

Specific Objectives

Upon completion of the programme, the students will be able to meet and address the contemporary environment requirements. The new objectives of the programme are:

  • Acquisition professional diploma for students who aspire to work in this field.
  • Proper training and education for people working in SMEs and large private organizations.
  • To have the advantage, upon graduation, of both theoretical and practical knowledge, which will provide them with those skills necessary for their professional career and advancement.
  • Graduates to become qualified professionals, able to meet the workload on the first day, without a need for empirical learning tools and management methods.
  • On completion of the program will understand and be able to perform qualitative and upgraded services on a high level of professionalism.
  • Graduates are able to understand the basic financial and legal aspects and terminologies.

Learning Outcomes

Level 1:

Upon completion of the first year of the program the student will be able to:

  • Develop skills that will promote the professional consolidation of the student.
  • Use correctly and effectively the new technology and understand how it affects the employees of a company.
  • Develop the skills and abilities of financial control and planning a business.
  • Understand the importance of general knowledge of all areas of the company and its equipment.
  • Understand and operate in the context of corporate responsibility and business ethics.
  • Develop skills for problem-solving and administrative support and diplomatic skills.
  • Manage his/her time right and produce a number of commercial documents, of increased difficulty, within the specified time frames.
  • Use correctly and effectively the main PC menu for editing text.

Level 2:

Upon completion of the second year of the program the student will be able to:

  • Understands the fundamental and basic principles of business administration.
  • Understand the various aspects of business law.
  • Understands and use the necessary statistical tools for research and business performance assessment.
  • Understand the key aspects of marketing, pricing, product and promotional products and services.
  • Understand and apply the theory and techniques of organizational behaviour of an organisation.
  • Understand how international businesses operate.
  • Understand and grasp the basic aspects of customers and colleagues’ psychology.


Semester A

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
1 ACCT-110 Accounting I 6
2 ECON-261 Principles of Microeconomics 6
3 ENGL-100 Basic Writing 6
4 COMP-150 Microcomputer Applications 6
5 MATH-160 College Algebra 6

Semester B

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
1 ACCT-111 Accounting II 6
2 ECON-262 Principles of Macroeconomics 6
3 IMGT-281 Introduction to Management 6
4 ENGL-101 English Composition 6
5 PHIL-120 Business Ethics 6

Semester C

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
1 ACCT-211 Managerial Accounting 6
2 IBADM-234 Organization Behavior 6
3 IBADM-231 Business Communication 6
4 MATH-221 Statistics 6
5 PSY-110 General psychology I 6

Semester D

A/A Course Code Course Name Number of ECTS
1 IBADM-230 Business Law 6
2 IMGT-280 Small Business & Entrepreneurship 6
3 IBADM-250 International Business 6
4 IMKTG-291 Marketing 6
5 IBADM-293 Final Year Project 6


Admission Requirements

Entry Requirements

The general admission requirements are for applicants to have a High School Leaving Certificate (i.e. 12 years of education or 11 depending on the country of origin, e.g. Russia) OR equivalent qualifications. Some programmes may have additional requirements in which case they are specified separately under the relevant programme details.

Regular admission to academic programmes requires a recognized High School Leaving Certificate with a grade of 7.5 out of 10 or 15 out of 20 or a rank in the top 50% or equivalent qualifications. This status may be contingent upon demonstrating proficiency in English with a valid TOEFL score of 500 and above, or Computer –based TOEFL score of 173 and above, or Internet-based TOEFL (iBT) score of 61 and above, or GCSE (or GCE) English Language “O” Level of “C” or above, or IELTS of 6.0 and above or Cambridge Exams (First Certificate with Grade B and above, as well as Proficiency with Grade ‘C’ and above), or the College English Placement Test. Advanced standing will be admitted on the basis of additional qualification (e.g. GCE “A” Level).

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