Why Maritime

The Maritime field is a very demanding and interesting field of expertise. Future cadets that wish to tackle and succeed in the field, need to obtain the relevant professional qualification which are approved by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Within the EU, growth in the maritime sectors and the blue economy in general; will require an appropriately skilled workforce, able to apply the latest technologies in engineering and a range of other disciplines. There is currently a skills gap that must be tackled. Shortage of suitably skilled workers has been identified by the European Commission as a factor which blocks growth in nearly all economic sectors.

In the last decade, the shipping industry has, on several occasions, warned of an impending shortage of qualified labor onboard EU-flagged ships. With the loss of the national maritime training systems, the amount of active EU seafarers has continuously reduced to today’s alarming low levels in all EU States.

Choosing a Maritime career may offer you opportunities for working onboard but also onshore. The industry needs new cadets, Navigational Officers , Engineering Officer and Electro-technical officers, which will make sure the sector is improving and advancing its work.

Choosing a Maritime career, may offer you certainty in work, as 90% of world trade is transported by the international shipping industry and expected to grow further.

Choosing a Maritime career may offer you the prospects to further develop your knowledge, skills, and competencies in specialization areas of the field.

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