Message from the Chairman

Not only as a Ship Owner but a Captain too and a cadet from a long time ago of Nautical Sciences, I pledged a promise to giving back to a global institution of maritime education by way of those offered by the Maritime Academy Cyprus.

My highly regarded, established and experienced co-Board of Governors being colleagues and peers, in the shipping industry, combined with a reputable and experienced team from the Maritime Academy Cyprus are together committed and dedicated to bringing expertise, education and support to all cadets, who want to start a career or advance their career in an amazing and diversified worldwide industry.

Our aim is to give opportunities to young people to develop into responsible, dependable and useful team players in the shipping industry by teaching with both traditional and modern methods. We shall place cadets in uniform, school them basic disciplines and engage them in a range of educational skills and practical knowledge building.

As the only maritime academy in Cyprus, and an industry that employs around 55.000 seafarers on owned or managed ships and approximately 4.000 people on shore based premises on the island, we promote great future employment opportunities for cadets of the Maritime Academy Cyprus either onboard ships and even in ship-owning, ship-management, insurance, ports & pilots, chartering & broking and so many more areas. The Academy happily accommodates research, scholarship, and advancement in the maritime profession from a superb modern establishment. The example of discipline, leadership, aptitude and excellence for every maritime professional is passed on to our graduates by passionate experts in their field. The education team provides a hands-on learning atmosphere where cadets apply both theory and practice in response to ever progressing changes in the maritime industry.

Success is further safeguarded with modern facilities and equipment where ambitious and established cadets and mariners are educated and timely research on maritime issues are lectured to take advantage of the growing demands for maritime trained professionals with the specifically designed and appropriate degree programmes. In this way, we support opportunities for cadets to become leaders of tomorrow in offering affordable, appropriate and life-impacting education.

It is an honour to serve as the Academy’s Chairman of the Board of Governor’s as we move forward keeping in mind sustainable growth. I take a personal interest in hearing about and seeing the progress of our new people over the next months. We shall constantly drive and stretch our abilities to overcome any challenges along the way. Our cadets can look forward to a successful and settled time at the Academy and of course the instructing and support staff are always available to offer guidance and encouragement.

I am confident that those who set sail upon a maritime degree or other course offered at the Academy will find it both enjoyable and very rewarding and by reading this message as a prospective new recruit, parent or guardian, I am happy knowing that you are looking at a respectable and attractive career beginning from our institution in an industry that contributes 90% of everything to world trade.

~ Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel ~
August Hare

Capt. Eberhard Koch
Chairman of the Board of Governors – Cyprus Maritime Academy